Another new title…

So much for the promise to be back soon, huh!  What an embarrassing lull. I’m not gone though!  As I mentioned in my last post long ago, I’m now Dr. Charming Chris. That led to a boom in “real” business. Oh, and then there was an unplanned move, an unexpected family illness, a thrillingly surprise engagement, and most recently, a most perfectly Charming Wedding! That’s right folks, I’ve gotten myself hitched to my Marine, Hero, and leading man in my life’s love story. So now, after a year of Dr. Charming Chris, I am most proud to call myself, Mrs. Charming Chris.

I’d like to be back around here more often. I’ve checked, and I think all of the links still work and such. But I’m a busy new stepmom and Christmas is coming, so cut me some slack if I just throw up a few pictures here and there without a whole lot of thoughtful, well-written posts to go along with them.

I’ve missed y’all,



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