Is “Charming Chris” really Charming?

I fancy myself a photographer, but my dear sweet boyfriend snapped this one.

Hi there. I’m Chris. Sometimes I’m even Charming.

OK so I suppose I should explain the name. I wear many hats – loving girlfriend, patient Ph.D. student (not much longer!), devoted daughter & granddaughter, full-time Management Consultant, part-time mom (to my Love’s two awesome kiddos), aspiring photographer, amateur (very amateur) chef…

…and in between that, I am thrilled to be an Independent Designer for Origami Owl.

I can’t tell you how many direct sales opportunities I’ve shunned, mocked, and otherwise avoided like the plague in my time. I’m a skeptical girl…. but this one was completely different for me. I’m not a salesperson at heart, but this was something I knew I could get behind. It’s not just a product–it’s personal. It’s meaningful. And once I designed my own Living Locket, I realized that I really wanted to share it with others.

If you’re not familiar with Origami Owl Living Lockets, let me explain. They are beautiful glass lockets, that allow you to wear the charms of your choosing – charms that represent the people, things, and experiences that mean the most to you. These charms help tell your story.

Mine reminds me of what’s important to me, who I want to be, and where I want to go. It’s a daily affirmation that you can wear. Likewise, it becomes a conversation piece immediately, which allows you to share something meaningful about yourself with others. I’m not a big jewelry person, but in case you can’t tell, I fell for this idea pretty hard.

And thus, Charming Chris. Because the lockets hold your charms inside… get it?  Trust me – I’m only kind of charming, and only when I really have to be. 😉


4 thoughts on “Is “Charming Chris” really Charming?

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