Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Thanks to Melanee at simplylifestuff for pointing out that my Indiana photo from a couple of days ago works pretty well for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I just learned that WordPress’ own “The Daily Post” runs a weekly photo challenge (I know; I’m new here).  This week’s theme is “Up,” which immediately made me think of one of my early Spring Pic A Day posts from this year: Buds!  But now that spring is upon us in full force (aside from that little freeze warning we had last night), my Buds picture from back in March looked a little… well, bare.  Because it was.

So I’ve created a little pre- and post- weather improvement diptych for this challenge. What a difference three weeks can make in the world (and my outlook)!  Happy Spring, my friends!!

Weekly Photo Challenge-Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up