A Sign?

I’m feeling very energized by having found a creative outlet in this Etsy venture. And at the same point, I’m trying to avoid diving blindly into hoarding supplies and eating up any yet-to-be-realized profits, as much as I want to. I have a ton of stamps, ink, embellishments, paper, etc. I am set for a good while. But I can’t help browsing for more. As such, I found this amazing stamp online yesterday:

Nautical Weathervane Wood Stamp

Inkadinkado Nautical Weathervane Wood Stamp

I decided to hold off because I’m headed home for a Mother’s Day visit with my own Mommy and, seeing as how she started this obsession of mine so many years ago, I know we will surely go shop together for crafty-girlie-stuff.  And yet, this one is very much my style, so it’s sitting in the back of my mind. So what do I happen onto today from a very cool blog I just started digging into? This:

via dweinberg415; A painting a day for a year of San Francisco

As her site says, she creates “a painting a day for a year of San Francisco.”  And yes, they are all this wonderful.  But this – this is too much. Can this possibly be coincidence? I think not. I think it means I must, must have this stamp. And potentially this painting as well. Right? It’s a sign, right??


A Big Announcement and a Coupon Code!

Guess what you guys??  I have opened an Etsy shop!

OK, so it’s not the biggest news – that would be “I have finished my dissertation and am finally, after eight years and six or seven different topics, going to be Dr. CharmingChris!”

But in lieu of that, it’s pretty big news, and I’m very excited.  How did this happen?  Well, I am terrible at being idle. Really, really terrible at it.  And I’ve been holding off on promoting my full-time business any more than I already do until I graduate, because I don’t want client deadlines to interfere with grad school deadlines. But meanwhile, I’ve been having to wait two or three weeks at a time for my advisor to send me his rounds of edits and feedback.

~thumb twiddling~

That’s part of how this blog was born, in fact.  And it’s part of what drew me into Origami Owl. In my heart, I’m a businesswoman. Yes, I take a lot of pictures of flowers and gush about my dog, but the core of CharmingChris… well, if I see a niche and I know I have a talent to fill it, I am off and running. And as time kept ticking away, I realized I have another hobby (a lifelong hobby in fact, thanks to my folks and our holiday traditions) that could become a bit more than a hobby if I just gave it a shot. See, I stamp stuff. I make all of my own cards (and I send them too – it’s a big deal to me). I make our gift tags at Christmas. I have an obscene collection of stamps and paper. And I recently got it all out to play with the kids, and something clicked. I didn’t want to put it away. I was tired of twiddling my thumbs and I had a creative itch to boot.

So charmingchris creations has officially been born. And as a thank-you to you, my dear sweet blog readers, I’m offering you 20% off your entire order, no minimum.  Just enter coupon code CCGRANDOPENING at the checkout. I’m making more as we speak. I accept custom orders too, so send me your idea and we can be off and running. Ahhh. That itchy idle feeling is subsiding!