A Big Announcement and a Coupon Code!

Guess what you guys??  I have opened an Etsy shop!

OK, so it’s not the biggest news – that would be “I have finished my dissertation and am finally, after eight years and six or seven different topics, going to be Dr. CharmingChris!”

But in lieu of that, it’s pretty big news, and I’m very excited.  How did this happen?  Well, I am terrible at being idle. Really, really terrible at it.  And I’ve been holding off on promoting my full-time business any more than I already do until I graduate, because I don’t want client deadlines to interfere with grad school deadlines. But meanwhile, I’ve been having to wait two or three weeks at a time for my advisor to send me his rounds of edits and feedback.

~thumb twiddling~

That’s part of how this blog was born, in fact.  And it’s part of what drew me into Origami Owl. In my heart, I’m a businesswoman. Yes, I take a lot of pictures of flowers and gush about my dog, but the core of CharmingChris… well, if I see a niche and I know I have a talent to fill it, I am off and running. And as time kept ticking away, I realized I have another hobby (a lifelong hobby in fact, thanks to my folks and our holiday traditions) that could become a bit more than a hobby if I just gave it a shot. See, I stamp stuff. I make all of my own cards (and I send them too – it’s a big deal to me). I make our gift tags at Christmas. I have an obscene collection of stamps and paper. And I recently got it all out to play with the kids, and something clicked. I didn’t want to put it away. I was tired of twiddling my thumbs and I had a creative itch to boot.

So charmingchris creations has officially been born. And as a thank-you to you, my dear sweet blog readers, I’m offering you 20% off your entire order, no minimum.  Just enter coupon code CCGRANDOPENING at the checkout. I’m making more as we speak. I accept custom orders too, so send me your idea and we can be off and running. Ahhh. That itchy idle feeling is subsiding!



Reminder – Origami Owl Mother’s Day Shipping Schedule

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day for Mother’s Day delivery using Express Shipping. This is a gift that is virtually guaranteed to make Mom cry next Sunday. In a good way! Click on the photo below to shop.

Mom - simple

Mom – get her out from behind the camera for a change this year.

Mother’s Day is coming…

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share a few Origami Owl lockets that I’ve created for Mother’s Day gifts over the last week or so.  There’s still time to get your Mother’s Day order in – just choose Express Shipping and order before May 5th!  Shop now, or contact me and we can build your creation together!

I’m also happy to take requests for a particular picture, either to show someone as a gift idea or just to help you envision your own ideas. If I have it in stock, I’ll stage it and snap it for you, just ask!


Origami Owl – New Product Launch Day!

Inspire Love

Inspire Love

It’s a big day in O2 world, my friends. Our new Spring items are officially available.  And they. are. awesome.  I’m super excited. However, keep in mind that we designers weren’t able to pre-order any of this. That means, if you’re wanting to get your hands on the new goodies–or, if you’re like me and are trying to hurry and swipe up a few of the recently retired items before they’re gone for good–you’ll have to visit the site, or get in touch with me so I can place your order. I hope to have some new inventory in by next week, but the response to this launch has overwhelmed the home office, so the shipping schedule is a tad bit up in the air.

What’s your new favorite item?  Which of the retired items will you miss the most?

New Origami Owl Spring / Summer Collection 2013 (available on April 22)

Origami Owl Retired Items for Spring 2013 – A Fond Farewell (available until May 15)



Origami Owl Display – My Next DIY Project!

I have a problem. See, Target wants all of my money.  All of it. I’m not big on shopping – not a girlie-girl in the traditional sense. But Target does something to me. The problem is, they feel like a discount big-box store, but you find as you’re checking out, that you’ve deluded yourself. They mix in some great deals with a lot of very attractive–but not-Walmart-priced–things that seem to throw themselves into your cart.

So yesterday (with my hem hanging out like a bag lady and everything), I made it my mission to tackle Target with a skeptical eye and a DIYer’s heart. I promised to come out with at least one good idea for an item that I could create at a fraction of what they want for it.  And I won!!  I present to you, a charming, shabby-chic jewelry display pegboard!

Tacks and Pinboard from Target

I can do this!

Target has priced the tacks at $9.99, and the pegboard at a whopping $29.99. I believe it came with four jeweled pins. But it has a lovely picture on the label of several necklaces dangling, so classily, that inspiration overcame me. This will become an absolutely perfect display for my Origami Owl lockets, I just know it. And I assure you I can do this for less than $40 bucks.

Now for the bad news: it will be a couple of weeks before I get to this project. But that leaves you, dear readers, with time to offer advice, ideas for where to get these materials for the best price, and if I’m lucky, pictures of similar projects!  I already have large thumbtacks, batting to cushion them, and scrap fabric (enough for both the tacks and board). I have craft glue and thread as well. I need a cheap frame and some corkboard. Anything else I’m forgetting?

Walking Ad. Pushing my Comfort Zone

Walking Ad. Pushing my Comfort Zone

OK, so I am a walking advertisement today. But it works. Even for shy people like me. People want to know more, and you don’t have to be an extrovert to respond to honest curiosity with helpful information. If you don’t think you can do this, think again.


Just a few notes to add as I get this place into presentable shape.  First, thanks to those of you who have found this little infant blog and actually hit the like or follow button.  I’m completely flattered!  I’ve finally added an About Me page to the sidebar, so check it out if you want to know more about my charming self.  I’ve also created a gallery page to showcase some of my clients’ favorite Origami Owl locket creations. I’m pretty proud of these… I’m not great at tooting my own horn, but check it out, and if you’re so inclined, visit my shop or just drop me a comment on any post if you’d like my help in designing your own wearable life story!  I’ve also just tackled creating a business page on Facebook, and I’d welcome any thoughts or feedback on that front before I start spamming all of my friends with begs for likes. There are lots of other ways to connect with me too – just check out the sidebar links.

Finally, wish me luck on sticking it out with the one-a-day spring photo project. Winter is still alive and kicking here, and I’m having trouble finding pictures of Spring fighting her way to the surface. I’ve done this project before and it’s always been a good kick in the pants to look up and see nature’s renewal all around… but she’s just not renewing on schedule this year. So far, it’s been a downer to go on a photography expedition and continually find brown grass, dead leaves, puddles of ice, and bare branches. I’ll try to hang in there if you will too!


My personal Origami Owl Living Locket

MY Locket

MY Locket

Yes, I sell Origami Owl, but this is MY locket. A sparrow to symbolize freedom so I remember that I’m never too tied down, a watch gear because I believe in hard work and persistence, a fleur de lis because I found my Love in NoLa… each charm tells my story. If you want to know more about why I love this company, I finally added an About Me page awhile back. If you’d like to start building your own Living Locket, visit my site and let me help you tell your own story!

Add this to my wishlist!


Jewelry Boxes for the Modern Girl! via The Etsy Blog. Perfect for your #origamiowl collection!!   http://ow.ly/jfKgL