Livin on Tulsa Time

Sorry I’ve been AWOL friends. Today was dissertation defense day. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve cleared the final hurdle. Dr. Charming Chris, at your service! I’ll be back here soon, I promise.


Berry-eating Culprit – One Pic a Day Spring 2013

This fearless fellow is totally busted!

Memorial Day – One Pic a Day Spring 2013

Happy Decoration Day, my friends.

First Berry – One Pic a Day Spring 2013


First ripe strawberry of the season… The birds must have been hungrier than I. 😦

Spring Showers – One Pic a Day Spring 2013


My spring pic today goes out to my friends and family back in the Midwest. Wish y’all were sharing in our nice weather. Stay safe, everyone.



This here is a city I’d like to spend some time exploring.

Indiana, take 2


Indiana, your fields full of gold stuff are really pretty. Please stop raining on me. I’m about to start taking it personally.



Celebrated crossing the Indiana border (and the associated speed limit increase) by rocking out to John Hiatt. Calling it quits for tonight though. I had it in me to push on to Louisville but I don’t think my Bubby did.


Somewhere in Illinois. There are deer EVERYWHERE. But it’s not raining!

Bye, Missouri


I’ll be back in a few weeks! I have more pics of the trip that I’ll share when the journey is over. Right now, let’s just hope for no more rainy driving.